Increase efficiency. Save costs. Reduce manual repetitive tasks. Transform your organisation with Tempest and it's multitude of cutting edge features - location requests, scheduling tools, shift swapping, internal messaging and so much more. You'll wonder how you ever managed without it. Talk to us today.

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What is Tempest?

Tempest is an employee scheduling solution that simplifies day-to-day management processes in organizations of any size. With automated shift scheduling, managers create and assign shifts in seconds and the Tempest smartphone app empowers employees to request time off, accept and trade shifts, and even upload documents. An integrated location management tool ensures track of employee attendance. Tempest saves time and makes work easier and more transparent.


Tempest Is For Staffing Agencies

Tempest is a staffing software solution specifically designed around the needs of the modern agency. Today’s staffing agencies face increasingly complex challenges. The hiring and organisation of temporary workers is a mess in every sector: complicated, time-consuming and expensive. Tempest simplifies this work.

Tempest Is For Shift Based Companies

Tempest is a staffing and scheduling web portal and mobile app, optimizing and improving the workflows of shift-based businesses via a unique set of features. Modern companies face huge challenges when trying to arrange shifts for workers. Organizing and scheduling staff across all sectors is a mess: complicated, time-consuming and expensive. Tempest simplifies this work.

Main Features

Main features

Create weekly and/or monthly staff rotas

Create shifts and shift requests in seconds with Tempest. Once you create a shift, you'll receive a list of all the workers that are suitable for the job.

Main features

Manage documents and compliance with ease

Connect documents with certain jobs to prevent unqualified personnel from working in unsuitable positions. Approve or reject them online.

Main features

Shifts can be intelligently swapped

Your workers can now give away and swap shifts independently, meaning you'll never be left without someone on the job.


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